Feb 6, 2020

Sarah & Chris | Engaged

You know what’s better than an engagement session at Big Fun Toy Store and 16 Bit Barcade? NOTHING, that’s what. Except maybe puppy snuggles, but that’s a debate we’ll save for another day.

Couples like Sarah and Chris, who are up for my whacky location ideas, are couples who breathe life into my soul. Long gone are the days of generic park locations and the same old engagement photos. We’ve arrived at the precipice of unique and interesting (and maybe, sometimes, wonderfully weird). And I’m HERE FOR IT.

You may be wondering how we settled upon this unique plan for their engagement session. But wonder no longer! When asked to describe the overall theme of their wedding, they answered “nerdy and romantic, which is a good reflection of our relationship.” They talked about using comic book paper origami and cutouts for their decor. Chris chatted about their love for superheroes and video games. Sarah mentioned barcades and a comic book shop. It was the perfect recipe for Big Fun Toy Store and 16 Bit Barcade. It was kismet.

If their engagement session is any indication, I’m certain their wedding is going to be AMAZING. Sarah and Chris are full of laughs and love, and it is so obvious that their lives are full of those things as well. From busting out random dance moves while playing Pinball to giggle filled cuddles while perusing the My Little Pony case at Big Fun Toy Store, these two have a light-hearted, love-filled relationship that is so infectious to anyone who’s paying attention.

Sarah and Chris, I can’t wait to celebrate with you in just a few short months! Thank you for being up for my crazy ideas and for sharing this special time with me! xoxo



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