Dec 31, 2019

Best Photos of 2019

It’s always fun looking back over a year of work for these posts. It was no different this year as I chose my best photos of 2019. Doing this allowed me to reflect on the growth and change in my business, and although it was hard, this reflection has me feeling all kinds of proud.

In 2019, I photographed 13 weddings, 8 engagements, 27 families, and countless headshots. Although it wasn’t my busiest year for my two main specialties, weddings and engagements, it was probably the most fulfilling year to date. It was the year I dedicated myself to telling authentic stories in creative ways. The year I quit trying to be the photographer whose work looks like everyone else’s. The year I embraced my unique look and style and began using that to my advantage. And, the year I fully implemented my dream experience for my dream clients, all while watching it turn into my dream business.

I taught a workshop and presented at a conference in Las Vegas. I attended an intimate workshop with my wedding photography idols, Two Mann Studios, in Dallas. I mentored numerous budding photographers and even had a little mentoring myself. I helped support two amazing photographers in scaling up their businesses.

So, yeah, 2019 was definitely a year for my record books. I’m so proud of the changes I made and the steps I took to build my dream business. I’m proud of myself for saying no when I needed to and yes when I wanted to. I look forward to even more of all of this in 2020.

Without further rambling, here are what I believe are my best photos of 2019…

Weddings & Engagements


Happy 2020, friends! We’re looking forward to a year full of adventures, love, and happy moments with you all!



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