Sep 5, 2019

Amanda & Edward | Engaged

If you know me, you know that I love animals. My pup is obviously my favorite, but any four (or two!) legged furry/scaly/cuddly creature is ok in my book. That’s why, when Amanda asked about doing her and Edward’s engagement photos at the Columbus Zoo, it was my mission to make it happen!

Amanda and Edward are both such kind and giving people. They met at a volunteer event and have continued volunteering together throughout their relationship. They also love the zoo and supporting conservation missions, so having their engagement photos done at the Columbus Zoo was an obvious choice.

We had a blast hopping around the zoo to some of their favorite areas. We started at the Heart of Africa for the lions and giraffe. Then, we made our way to the flamingo area because they’re just too cute to pass up. We ended at the penguin exhibit, the perfect place for two mates for life. Here are some of my favorites from their session!

Amanda and Edward: thank you so much for inviting me and Antonio to be a part of your engagement and wedding. We can’t wait to share in your intimate wedding and look forward to watching your love grow!

PSA: If you’re a photographer interested in shooting engagement photos at the Columbus Zoo, there are a few things you should know. First, be considerate and reach out to through the contact form on their website to ask permission. Second, you will need to pay the standard parking and admission fees. Third, be considerate of other people at the zoo. Don’t interfere with the guest experience. Fourth, be considerate of the animals. Leave your flashes at home so that you don’t disturb or upset them. And last, plan your session outside of the busiest hours. This session was done an hour before closing in late August, after school had started back up. We basically had the place to ourselves!



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