Nov 8, 2019

Brittany & Evan | Engaged

There are engagement photos…and then there are engagement photos at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

I pride myself on curating authentic engagement sessions. I try to avoid generic parks and instead plan for locations that are meaningful to the couple in one way or another. Sometimes that means going to a favorite bar, or a proposal location, or even the site of a first date. But sometimes, when I’m realllllyyyyy lucky, I get to do something like this.

Brittany and Evan are huge fans of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. They go every year, each time dressed in their renaissance-era costumes. It’s their *thing*. So, when we met for the first time before they booked with me and they mentioned this fun fact, I just KNEW we had to do their photos at the Ren Fest. I didn’t know then, though, just how awesome they would be.

Antonio and I arrived early to scout out some good photo locations (and, let’s be honest, have a little fun, a few snacks, and a couple of delicious beers). It had been YEARS (like, maybe 15?) since I’d been and Antonio had never been, so it was definitely an exciting (and delicious!) adventure for us.

When Brittany and Evan arrived, we started out with a few photos in their “normal” clothing before they changed into their costumes. After changing, we ran around the festival snapping photos everywhere. The rose shop where Evan buys a metal rose for Brit every year. The church where there are skits about love and life. The fairy garden where twinkle lights and fairy houses live. The turkey leg stand where…well…turkey legs are sold. It was all so perfect. And so completely THEM.

Here are a few of my favs of their engagement photos at the Ohio Renaissance Festival!

Brit and Evan – thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to do something so unique and fun! We adore you guys (and all of your memes, Brit), and can’t wait until your wedding!

Also, HUGE shoutout to Katilyn Boyer Makeup Artistry and Chloe Merkel from R Beauty Bar for Brit’s GORGEOUS hair and makeup!



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