Aug 7, 2020

Sarah & Chris | Married x2

Ohhhhhhh hot dang. It feels like forever since I’ve been able to share a wedding blog post! I mean, it has been about 9 months, which for a wedding photographer is an unusually long time. Damn COVID. So, I’m so so so so excited to share Chris and Sarah’s TWO weddings with you! Yes, I said two.

Sarah and Chris had their dream wedding planned for May 30, 2020. Well, I’m sure you all know that we were in the middle of a lockdown at that time, so unfortunately they had to make the devastating decision to reschedule. But, they didn’t let May 30 go to waste! Instead, they planned a super intimate, super fun backyard ceremony.

It was me and Antonio, Sarah and Chris, a two person video crew, an officiant, and three of their closest friends. The video team live streamed the ceremony so that all of their friends and family could still be a part of it. There were tears and laughter. They took shots and danced and enjoyed every minute of it. It was short and sweet and perfectly timed with the gorgeous late evening golden hour sun. I really need more beautiful intimate weddings like this in my life…

Chris and Sarah’s rescheduled “big” wedding happened on July 17 at Cheers Chalet. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon at the perfect venue with a smallish group of guests (maybe 60?). There was so much happiness in the air and I could just tell that everyone was so happy to finally be able to celebrate with them in person, albeit socially distanced and while wearing masks. I really couldn’t imagine a more perfect day for them and am so happy they finally got the wedding they had been planning for so long.

Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding at Cheers Chalet…

Sarah and Chris: thank you so much for choosing us as your photographers. I know your wedding planning journey wasn’t easy, but it was an honor to walk beside you through it all. We look forward to many more years of friendship and shared laughter over your hilarious social media memes.

Shoutout to the following vendors for making this wedding at Cheers Chalet absolutely perfect!

Venue: Cheers Chalet
Coordinator: Tanya Shaw (Cheers Chalet)
DJ: Derek Roode – The Wedding Coach
Flowers: Etsy
Catering: Cheers Chalet
Hair & Makeup: the bride!
Dress: David’s Bridal



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