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Jo & Sarah’s New York City Engagement Photos

Guys, this engagement session was a freaking dream come true. First, New York City engagement photos have been on my bucket list for, like, ever. Sarah and Jo live in Brooklyn. So, when they chose me as their wedding photographer, I jumped at the chance to do their engagement photos in the city.

Second, Coney Island in the misty winter is straight out of some creepy fairytale. It’s eerily beautiful, quiet, and peaceful. Obviously, there are approximately 1,480,278 location options for New York City engagement photos. But, when they mentioned Coney Island, I knew that was it. It was the perfect location for them, providing so many different colorful background options, as well as some beach and water options. We got lucky with the weather, too. The slight mist and hovering haze were the perfect compliments to the closed amusement park.

Third, Jo and Sarah are my dream couple. They’re kind, funny, adventurous, passionate, beautiful, unique, and so in love. And, to top it off, Jo “proposed” to Sarah at the beginning of our session! In reality, they’d been engaged for a little while and had already started planning their Columbus, Ohio wedding. However, Sarah’s custom designed engagement ring was delayed, which resulted in a more relaxed and informal proposal the first time around. To our delight, Sarah’s ring arrived the day before our session, so Jo planned for her traditional proposal (with the ring, this time!) at Coney Island during our session. It was so great witnessing that and being able to capture that moment!

Sarah, of course, said yes and we were able to continue on with our creepy Coney Island/New York City engagement photos as planned. Here are just a few of my favorites!

New York City engagement photos - Jo proposed to SarahNew York City engagement photos - celebrating the proposalNew York City engagement photos - orange walls at Coney IslandNew York City engagement photos - circus walls at Coney IslandNew York City engagement photos - ferris wheel at Coney IslandNew York City engagement photos - puddle reflections at Coney IslandNew York City engagement photos - Thunderbolt at Coney IslandNew York City engagement photos - Coney Island boardwalkNew York City engagement photos - Coney Island boardwalk and birds

Jo and Sarah, I can’t wait to celebrate with you in 2019! It’s going to be the wedding of the century!


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