Jan 24, 2019

Caitlin & Jason | Engaged

Caitlin and Jason’s snowy German Village engagement photos are the epitome of perfect winter photos! We watched the weather forecast for days, knowing that the accuracy of our local weather reporters isn’t always 100%. However, as predicted, the sky opened up and dumped buckets of snow over Columbus on the day of their photos.

To say I was excited for this session was an understatement! I don’t get to do many snowy sessions. People prefer to be warm and toasty (myself included!). We haven’t gotten a great snow in Columbus for a few years. The stars never aligned…until now.

It was cold. It was obviously snowy. Caitlin’s hair got messed up. My camera was soaked. My glasses were so fogged up I could hardly see. Noses were sniffly, cheeks were rosey, and fingers were frosty. It was perfect.

We began the snowy German Village engagement photos at Caitlin and Jason’s gorgeous home. It’s a classic German Village brick house. The perfect backdrop for a few photos, and conveniently located across the street from a man who loves landscaping!

Snowy German Village Engagement Photos - their brick houseSnowy German Village Engagement Photos - cuddling in bushesSnowy German Village Engagement Photos - snowy bushesSnowy German Village Engagement Photos - snowy landscape

We then went to the local dive bar – Beck Tavern, or more commonly known among the locals as Low Becks. We enjoyed a few beers (and their heat!) before heading back out into the snow for a few photos at neighboring Fetch Park and one of the classic German Village brick alleyways.

Snowy German Village Engagement Photos - Low BecksSnowy German Village Engagement Photos - Frank Fetch ParkSnowy German Village Engagement Photos - snowy cuddlesSnowy German Village Engagement Photos - beautiful snowSnowy German Village Engagement Photos - alley way

Caitlin and Jason, thanks for being major troopers during the freezing cold and snow! I’m so excited for your wedding and am honored to be a part of this exciting time in your lives. I can’t wait to share a couple beers with you again soon!





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