Feb 20, 2015

Personal Project – Abstract Photography at the Columbus Architectural Salvage

Sometimes, even in the busiest of seasons, you must make time for yourself.  This time is like the fuel to your creative fire, brightening an already burning flame.  Although it isn’t easy for a wedding photographer to take a small break during wedding season, I’ve made a vow to myself that this year, I will break.  I’ll break for personal projects, such as this, or trips with my love, such as the trip we’re planning to New Orleans, or for evenings out with my girlfriends, or for visits home (to Cincinnati) to see my family.  These are the things who make me, me.  Without them, I become stale, dissatisfied, frustrated.  And, who wants a stale, dissatisfied, frustrated photographer?!  NO ONE.

So, my first break this year is for a personal project.

One that challenged me to see outside the box.  One that inspired me to create beautiful, abstract designs from common items.  And, one that, I believe, will help me to see details, shadow, and light differently on a wedding day.

This past Sunday, I spent the morning rummaging through the Columbus Architectural Salvage with some fellow members of the Columbus Creative Photography Meetup Group.  If you haven’t been to CAS, stop what you’re doing and GO.  Well, go after you finish reading this blog.  It’s an incredible haven of lost treasures, most from Ohio.  The owner, who turned his hobby into a career in the mid-2000s, opened CAS in order to provide the average person with access to reclaimed architectural pieces, building materials, and antiques.  The items found in this place are INCREDIBLE, and truly unique.  And, the best part?!  They have a hiSTORY.

Each of these photographs were created with one goal in mind:  abstract.  Take a literal object and make it figurative.

Tell me, did I succeed?

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Columbus Wedding Photographer

Columbus Wedding PhotographerColumbus Wedding Photographer

Molly, and the CAS team, thank you so much for letting us organize this and for being so helpful during our visit.  You guys are AWESOME!

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