Jul 1, 2021

Marceline & Alex | Engaged

You know those people who are just so full of joy and kindness that it’s like they radiate sunshine? Or like they’re followed around by the adorable little critters in the Disney movies? Or like they’re constantly being serenaded by a choir of angels? Yeah, that’s Marceline and Alex.

These two are the definition of adorable. They literally couldn’t stop laughing, couldn’t stop touching each other, and couldn’t stop being adorable. They’re so kind and thoughtful and happy and, as you can see in their engagement photos in downtown Columbus and German Village, just so joyful. They’re the kind of couple who feed my soul.

Marceline and Alex met back in 2019 when Marceline was the third wheel at a house party. Alex, being the kind, joyful, sweet gentleman he is, stayed by her side for the day. He graciously sat next to her for all of the games and even cheated to keep her in the games after she lost…and lost and lost and lost. Despite Alex being quite popular with the single women at the party, Marceline agreed to join the group for dinner. With the chance to talk more, Alex clarified that he was, in fact single and asked Marceline for her number. They went on their first date the next weekend!

So now, here we are, just a couple of months away from their epic (seriously…it’s going to be epic…I can’t wait to share) wedding day, getting some photo practice in with their engagement photos. We chose their first location – The Ohio Theater in downtown Columbus – because of Marceline’s love for and history with theater. And, of course, we ended in German Village, where they met, where they fell in love, and where they live with their adorable pups.

Marceline and Alex – we’re so excited to celebrate with you in September and can’t wait to be surrounded by your joy and love again soon!

Here are some of my favorites of their engagement photos in downtown Columbus and German Village!



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