Oct 9, 2017

Julia & Kevin | Engaged

It was so fun to shoot Julia and Kevin’s Gahanna engagement photos. We laughed. We pet puppies (including their very own Chester Brown, as well as this tiny little puppy that was the size of my hand and hopped all around like a bunny and I thought my heart was going to explode). We got to know each other. We soaked up the gorgeous setting sunlight and the beautiful fall weather. It was perfect.

Gahanna Engagement Photos

Their Story

Julia and Kevin met on the dating app, Bumble. According to Julia, in 10 years this will be the equivalent of meeting in a bar, so we’ll just go with that. After dating for awhile, Kevin not so subtlety asked Julia what type of metal was in a picture of a ring she showed him. She had a feeling then that he was going to propose soon.

Not long after that, as Julia’s birthday was approaching, she asked him not to propose on her birthday. Well, that was his plan. Oops! So, instead, Kevin asked Julia to marry him while they were wearing sweatpants and watching Netflix at home. As long as Chester Brown was involved, then it was perfect!

Gahanna Engagement Photos

Their Gahanna Engagement Photos

It was a gorgeous fall day. The sun was low and glowy and warm. Julia, Kevin, and Chester Brown met me at the Giroux Herb Garden for the first part of their photos. The landscaping, the architecture, and the little bugs flying around made the perfect environment for some puppy cuddles and giggles.

Gahanna Engagement PhotosGahanna Engagement PhotosGahanna Engagement Photos

We then went to Creekside, where we played in the fountains, strolled along the busy streets, and saw that little bunny-hopping puppy I mentioned earlier. (Seriously thought my heart was going to explode – no joke).

Gahanna Engagement PhotosGahanna Engagement Photos

Gahanna Engagement Photos Gahanna Engagement Photos

All of it was pretty much perfect.





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