Oct 16, 2019

Jo & Sarah | Married

In the small (service) business world, there’s a huge emphasis on finding and catering to your ideal clients. That’s the joy about being a service-based entrepreneur – you can be selective in who you want to work with. Within this focus on ideal clients, there are tips for identifying them, catering to them, finding them, etc. I recently did an activity to identify my ideal client. At the end of the activity, I realized that I knew exactly who my ideal client is – Jo and Sarah.

Jo and Sarah are kind, eclectic, intelligent, considerate, adventurous, and so in tune with who they are. They’re surrounded by people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions and from all different parts of the world. They love hard and receive love with open arms. And, they love food almost as much as we do. That right there is good enough for me 😉

Their wedding at Wren Farm encompassed all of these values and qualities, and it was so beautiful to witness. Jo was surrounded by her college friends as she got dressed, and even made time to enjoy a quick drink with them before festivities began. Sarah’s family supported her as she slid into her deep green wedding dress and anxiously prepared to see Jo for the first time. They signed their Ketubah encircled by their parents, grandparents, and best friends. They incorporated seven close friends and family members into their ceremony, allowing each of them to share beautiful thoughts about deep topics. They took a moment out of their ceremony to recognize the tremendous struggle of LGBTQ+ people around the world and call for greater awareness and inclusion. The rest of the evening was full of love-filled speeches, happy tears, epic dance moves, delicious food, a rainbow cake, and more hugs and laughter than I could ever imagine.

It was such an honor to be welcomed into their tight group with smiles, hugs, and genuine consideration. Their friends and family included us in deep conversations and asked us about our lives with genuine interest. They were so warm and welcoming and made us feel like friends more than “hired help.” It was such a wonderful experience and has since been the source of many deep thoughts and conversations about the future of Erica Kay Photography and how we serve our clients. This is exactly how we want all of our couples and their friends and families to be – open, loving, inclusive, and happy happy happy.

They are truly our ideal client in every way.

Jo and Sarah – we adore you. Thank you for trusting us, including us, and loving us. We’re so thankful that you came into our lives and we hope that, whether you’re in Columbus or New York City or anywhere else around the world, our lives will continue to be interconnected forever.

Here are a few of my faves from their wedding at Wren Farm…

Thank you to the following vendors for making this wedding at Wren Farm the wedding of the century!

Venue & Coordination – The amazing Elizabeth and all of her team at Wren Farm
DJ – DJ Zoe
Florist – Dorcey’s Flowers
Catering – The Hippie and the Farmer
Cake – Let’s Eat Cake
Hair & Makeup – Muhka Spa
Rings – Lunessa
Jo’s Wardrobe – Indochino & Cole Haan
Videography – Cat Tail Photography




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