Mar 29, 2017

Kanesha & Kadawni | Engaged

Meet Kanesha and Kadawni, the source of my current photography obsession.  Kadawni just finished up law school like a boss.  Kanesha is a bad ass educator, social justice fighter, and guitar player.  I mean, how awesome is that?!  When I first met with her, she told me that their wedding will have a blackberry garden party theme stemming from her memories of picking berries with her grandpa.  I knew immediately that I needed to be a part of this celebration!  To say that I’m already excited for their October wedding would be an understatement…

Their Story

Kanesha and Kadawni met at a child’s birthday party, of all places.  Who knew kids birthday parties could be so romantic?!  I think we’d all like to thank that child for being born and for celebrating that day of birth 😉

After dating for a while, Kanesha and Kadawni moved in together.  During their house-warming party, Kadawni popped the question using balloons that read, “Will you marry me?”  While I’m sure they received some pretty great house-warming gifts, I’m going to assume that Kanesha’s favorite gift from the day is her gorgeous engagement ring 😉

Their Hilton Downtown Columbus Engagement Session

Kanesha and Kadawni requested a modern, indoor location for their engagement photos.  I sent them a long list of options and they immediately settled on the Hilton Downtown Columbus.  This location provided the perfect modern backdrop for their gorgeous style.  The hotel boasts unique art and furniture throughout.  It’s also home to a favorite of the Columbus photography community:  a glass skywalk with the skyline in the background.  It’s basically the perfect place for anyone who has an interest in good light, good design, and good aesthetics.  Which is precisely why it’s a portrait photographer’s heaven!

Here are just a few of my favorites from their Hilton downtown Columbus engagement session…

All photography by Erica Kay Photography



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