Nov 18, 2020

Frances & Matt | Engaged

There are cuties…and then there are Frances and Matt.

Seriously, these two are SO freaking adorable. Frances literally couldn’t stop giggling. Matt literally couldn’t keep his hands off Frances. They snuggled and kissed and even rolled around in the leaves together. It was perfect. They’re perfect. Everything was perfect.

Frances and Matt met at a Halloween party in 2017. They both noticed each other, but didn’t speak to each other until much later after crossing paths many times. Being the badass woman she is, Frances eventually made the first move by asking Matt for his number. After texting back and forth for a week, they went on their first official date…in German Village! Frances knew Matt was the one when, after she enjoyed a little too much wine on their first date, Matt spent the rest of the night taking care of her. *swoon*

Fast forward a couple of years to June 2020. Matt planned a super fancy (and delicious!) home cooked meal to surprise Frances with a proposal. Well, Frances unexpectedly came home early, leaving Matt scrambling to hide the surprise. Fortunately, she decided to take a nap (good choice!) and Matt was able to pull off the surprise after all. After enjoying the delicious dinner, Matt brought out a picture perfect, homemade fresh fruit tart with the engagement ring and “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate syrup. Again, *swoon*

So, now, here they are, planning a wedding for three years to the date from their first date AND celebrating their love by taking their engagement photos in German Village, the location of their first date and the neighborhood they call home. It’s all coming full circle and I love every second of it!

Here are some of my favs from their engagement photos in German Village! Cuties!



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