Sep 11, 2020

Danielle & Trevis | Engaged

Ok, real talk. I try not to pick favorites. I really do. But, I have to say that this session is one that’s really special to me. And, for good reason! These engagement photos at Hocking Hills are from the exact location where Antonio and I met and had our own engagement photos done. So, while I try to be impartial, this one is definitely pretty high up on my list.

Anyway, on to the real stars of the show here – Danielle and Trevis!

Dani and Trevis met when they were both in an orientation class for work. After dating for awhile, Trevis and his daughters chose a ring for Danielle (so sweet!). A few months later, they planned a romantic getaway to a cabin in Hocking Hills.

While at the cabin, snow began to fall, fast and furious. Trevis insisted on taking Danielle out on a walk to take some pictures in the snow. (Suspicious?!) As they wandered up the steep gravel driveway, Trevis turned Danielle around to “position her for a photo opportunity.” Danielle was completely oblivious and turned around to Trevis on one knee.

Nervously, Trevis began to explain that he had an in depth conversation with her father, and then “babbled on for what seemed like an eternity.” (hahaha!) He eventually got to the question, “Will you marry me?” Danielle vigorously shook her head no and backed away while at the same time screeching “YES!” Trevis nearly dropped the ring in the snow, before trying to put it on Danielle’s hand.

At that moment they officially became ENGAGED! And, fun note: they had no cell reception to share the news with friends and family and also were snowed into the cabin together for an additional period of time. So romantic, right?!

Today, on what was supposed to be their wedding weekend and on what now is one-year from their new wedding date, I’m so excited to share some of my favorites of their engagement photos at Hocking Hills!



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