Oct 21, 2020

Danielle & Nick | Engaged

Local Cantina and Goodale Park Engagement Photos

You know that theory called six degrees of separation? Well, Danielle and I are like that, but the opposite. I swear, we’re 57 degrees of connection. You see, Danielle and I are connected through so many random people. Like, so random that it sometimes feels like one big joke. We have so many mutual friends from so many different friend groups, it’s almost like we were destined to meet eventually. And, when we met several years ago, it was like we’ve known each other forever.

So, when Danielle asked me to be the photographer for her and Nick’s upcoming wedding, it was a no-brainer. Besides knowing it would be a good time (I could literally be in my own personal hell, and if Danielle was with me, it’d be a good time), I knew it would be beautiful, perfect, and full of so many people I know and love.

Danielle and Nick met on Bumble a few years ago. After dating for a while, Nick chose Danielle’s birthday to pop the question. Here’s the story, according to Danielle…

“It was my birthday and Nick asked if I wanted my gift. I tried so hard to shower first, but he really wanted to give it to me. I come downstairs and my box is sitting there with a big bow on it. The box was not wrapped, so I could see what it was right away and got excited and immediately started to open it. He said “I got you a card too, but I’ll read it to you because my hand writing sucks”. This is so true that I didn’t even question it, I just let him read me this sappy card while I half paid attention because I was still opening my box. Then he said “Actually, you better read it again for yourself”. At the very end, he wrote “Will you marry me?” And he got down on one knee while I read it. I never saw it coming!”

Isn’t that so cute?! Perfect proposal for the perfect couple.

Danielle and Nick: Antonio and I are so happy you found each other and that we get to be a part of your love. We can’t wait to celebrate with you in 2021!

Here are some of my favs of their Local Cantina and Goodale Park engagement photos!



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