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If you want 100% traditional, run of the mill photos, don't use Erica. If you want spectacular, unique, fun, gorgeous photos, use Erica. From our fun engagement shoot on Ohio State's campus and downtown to my surprise boudoir shoot for my husband's gift - I've been nothing but impressed by Erica's work. No two wedding blogs look alike because her creative eye sees something different and unique in each couple. Erica was the very first vendor we booked for our wedding and I'm so glad I snatched her up because she has been top notch. From our initial, super-fast communications to our first meeting, I fell in love all over again - with her! She was very organized, prompt, courteous, and became a friend over the last 15 months. I have referred her to two (now three!) friends because I just love her so much! I have no imagination or vision so I go with her flow and am blown away by what I see when I get my images back. Just trust her. Do what she asks, trust her vision through the lens, and you'll end up with pictures you want to share with everyone and tell all your friends about.