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Cait & Cody’s Franklinton Engagement Photos

Cute, colorful, and hip. Three words to describe Cait and Cody AND their Franklinton engagement photos. One of my favorite things to do with couples is to walk around an area and explore. To stop wherever I find something pretty. To find new environments, learn new things, and explore unfamiliar terrority. That’s exactly what we did while taking their Franklinton engagement photos!

Their Story

These two met on move-in day their freshman year at Ohio State. They ran into each other in the elevator, finished moving into their respective dorms, then hunted each other down. The rest was history, as they’ve been together since.

Their proposal wasn’t quite as smooth, though. They planned a day to visit Kings Island, the amusement park in southwest Ohio where I spent 97% of my childhood summer days. In sticking with their tradition of ferris wheels, Cody planned to pop the question in a secluded ferris wheel cart overlooking the park. Well, SURPRISE! Kings Island doesn’t have a ferris wheel. Neither of them knew that until they arrived. Instead, Cody decided on the fly to do it at the top of the Eiffel Tower, which is Kings Island’s claim to international fame. Well, SURPRISE! The tower was shut down due to wind. Being the trooper he is, Cody didn’t let either of those bumps stop him from his mission. He finally popped the question mid-selfie in the center of the park. She, of course, said yes and was totally surprised by the proposal!

They were troopers then and they were troopers during my incessant wandering throughout Franklinton. Here are some of my favorites from their Franklinton engagement photos!

Franklinton Engagement Photos 1Franklinton Engagement Photos 1Franklinton Engagement Photos 1Franklinton Engagement Photos 1Franklinton Engagement Photos 1Franklinton Engagement Photos 1Franklinton Engagement Photos 1

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