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Sarah & Bryan’s German Village Engagement Session

Sarah and Bryan’s love story, just like their German Village engagement session, is full of light and love, and is oh-so-beautiful.

German Village engagement session

How They Met

In Sarah’s words…

We met at a wedding in Pittsburgh in 2010 that we were both in the wedding party for. We met the day of the rehearsal, and he proceeded to eat part of my chocolate cake at dinner that night. I asked him the next day why he cut in on a dance with me during the reception, so off to a strong start. (It was all in good fun though with him being a Pittsburgh fan and me being from Cincinnati. I couldn’t let him know I liked somebody from that “P city.”) I left my jacket at the wedding, and one of the other girls in the bridal party knew he was interested in me, and she gave it to him to give back to me when we were home in Pickerington. (We only lived a mile from each other at home but didn’t know each other before.) This gave us an excuse to meet up again. We met for brunch a week later, and the rest is history (and the future!).

German Village engagement session

Their Proposal Story

Bryan’s view…

The proposal took place in Disney on March 10, 2017. It was our first day of vacation after busy season ended that week for Sarah, and there was downtime with the Steelers so Bryan could take time off during the offseason. We were walking on the boardwalk at Disney on Friday night when I (Bryan) stopped and asked her if she’d like to spend forever with me. We then headed back to the hotel to call our families. We spent the next three days enjoying Disney and celebrating our engagement!

German Village engagement session

Sarah’s view…

Definitely agree with the details above, but he was so nervous that whole day so it seemed like something was up! He’s normally so talkative and also gets impatient walking (just likes running), so it was a little strange that he asked me to go for a walk that night and then was super quiet as we were walking and on the ferry. I kept commenting on how quiet he was being, and he insisted everything was good, and it all made sense after we walked for awhile and he got the courage to ask me to spend forever with him. I’m definitely not jealous of the guys doing the asking because I’d have such a hard time asking even knowing that I was sure it was something we wanted! It was definitely a fun start to vacation and gave us the next few days to just hang out together at Disney and spring training baseball games enjoying a few things we love together.

German Village engagement sessionGerman Village engagement sessionGerman Village engagement sessionGerman Village engagement sessionGerman Village engagement sessionGerman Village engagement session

Sarah & Bryan, I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage with you next spring! Thank you for choosing to share this special time with me!



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