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The Bluestone Wedding – Colleen & Kyle

Remember my neighbors who did their engagement session at our apartment complex (among other downtown Columbus locations)?!  Well, they got hitched!  And, their Bluestone wedding was everything I dreamed of (and more, who am I kidding)!

Their Story

Colleen & Kyle actually met at our apartment complex (hence the engagement session there).  Our complex is known for its weekly warm-weather happy hours, cookouts, and beer tasting.  Actually, all of those things are organized by Colleen and Kyle.  Anyway, they became friends during these events and eventually, their doggie playdates turned into human playdates.  They soon went from neighbors to roommates as their relationship went to the next level.

Naturally, Kyle included the apartment and the dogs in his proposal.  They were at their apartment when Kyle asked Colleen to close her eyes.  When she opened them, she saw Kyle’s dog wearing a sign that read, “Will you marry my daddy?”  Her own dog was wearing a sign that read, “I like the big guy.  Can we keep him?”  So, it was a proposal full of all of the adorableness.

Their Bluestone Wedding

I love the Bluestone.  I love the architecture, the decor, the location.  Everything about it is great.  So, naturally, I was looking forward to this wedding for a looooong time.

Colleen and Kyle implemented so much of themselves into the theme of the wedding.  From vintage arcade games to PacMan heads as centerpieces to throwback video game table names, it was like a blast from the past.  And, I loved every second of it.

All of that doesn’t even cover the epic dance moves caught on camera, the killer music courtesy of the DJ, and the delicious donuts in lieu of cake.  The list of cool sh*t that happened at this wedding is basically endless.

So, here you go.  Enjoy some of my favorite snaps from Colleen & Kyle’s Bluestone wedding!

Shoutout to the following vendors:

Venue:  The Bluestone

Coordinator:  Sara Downs (The Bluestone)

DJ:  Buckeye Entertainment

Florist:  Petals & Leaves

Cinematography:  UA Creative Studios

Caterer:  The Bluestone

Donuts:  Buckeye Donut

Hair & Makeup:  Styles for the Aisle


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